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New York



Global platform.

Local insight.

JLP Asset Management (JLP) is specialized in listed real estate markets globally. With offices in New York, Amsterdam, Singapore and Sao Paulo, we have local teams with decades of experience in the market to source and underwrite the best opportunities for our investors.


We use fundamental real estate and securities analysis to identify compelling investment opportunities and build high conviction, concentrated portfolios with objective to maximize returns.

Cycle tested: 20 plus years cycle tested distinguished by private equity approach to public investing

Experience and network: Extensive experience in real estate securities and private real estate, with a long-term developed network


Global presence: Headquartered in New York with regional research offices in Amsterdam and Singapore

Global Investor base:  Made up ofinstitutions and family offices in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia

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Opportunity in public real estate.

Large institutional market: Global listed real estate is a $ 4.5 trillion market in over 50 countries and 2,500 plus public companies.

Subsector and dispersion opportunity: Large set of subsectors to access different drivers and dynamics, including non-traditional sectors such as Data Centers and Cell Towers – dispersion creates opportunities among subsectors.

Historically, over the long run, the public real estate asset class has outperformed global stocks, bonds and private real estate.

Historically, over the short term, volatility represents opportunity to exploit mispricings and invest in premium assets at attractive valuations.

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Real estate investment is a truly local business and highly inefficient, providing opportunities for those who make the effort to understand the market and its nuances.

JLP’s “private equity approach” is distinguished by

  • Underwriting investment opportunities as if buying the real estate assets and management teams

  • Allocating capital based on compelling opportunities – not market indices

  • Constructing high conviction, concentrated portfolios

  • Longer investment horizon and liquidity represent opportunities created for patient investors to buy and wait for thesis development

JLP is committed to Truly Active Management

  • Conducting deep fundamental analysis to uncover mispricings

  • Emphasizing “rent growers” not just “rent collectors”

  • Focusing on agility and maximizing returns

Seasoned Team with Strong Institutional Backing

  • Expertise in private and public-real estate

  • Entrepreneurial culture emphasizing long-term performance

  • Institutional backing from highly sophisticated investors from the Americas, Europe and Latin America

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JLP’s senior team has worked together nearly 20 years, with responsibilities for research, portfolio management, operations, marketing and investor relations. JLP believes the experience level of the team ranks among the highest of its peers with four portfolio managers averaging over 25 years’ experience and six senior analysts averaging over 12 years’ experience, focused exclusively on global real estate securities markets and companies.


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Jim Rehlaender

Chairman of the Global Investment Committee

Mr. Rehlaender has 38 years’ experience in the real estate industry including over 21 years managing global real estate securities portfolios. 

Prior to founding JLP, formerly known as Northwood Securities, Mr. Rehlaender spent 14 years with EII Capital Management, Inc. (EII) where he was responsible for all non-US investments and was the co-portfolio manager for global portfolios. He was also on the board of EII’s direct property business and assisted in the development of this business. 

Prior to starting his real estate career, Mr. Rehlaender was involved in venture capital and international banking. He has lectured in property finance at Yale, Wharton, NYU and his alma mater, Northwestern University, where he received his MBA in finance and marketing.

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Suang Eng Tsan

Portfolio Manager for Asia

Ms. Tsan has over 32 years of global real estate research and investment experience, including nine years managing real estate securities portfolios with a focus on the Asia market. Ms. Tsan is responsible for managing the Asia investments for the firm. 


She held a similar position with EII since 2006 and has worked with Jim Rehlaender for nearly 20 years, initially providing him with investment ideas when she was a sell-side analyst. 


Prior to joining EII, Ms. Tsan was the Research Director at Citigroup in Singapore, and started her career in the property sector as an investment analyst for the largest developer in Singapore, Pidemco. 


She earned an MBA and BS in Estate Management at the National University of Singapore.

Amanda Black

Portfolio Manager for North America

Ms. Black has over 20 years of real estate securities experience and is responsible for all North American investments for the Investment Manager. 

Prior to joining JLP, Ms. Black was a Portfolio Manager for Ascent Investment Advisors, co-managing both a global real estate mutual fund and hedge fund. Prior to this, Ms. Black was a Principal and Portfolio Manager at Turner Investment Partners where she was responsible for all global real estate exposure in all Turner portfolios aggregating $20 billion in funds under management as well as for co-managing a global financial sector long/short fund. 

Ms. Black is a graduate of Southern Illinois University where she earned her BS in Business and Administration and Saint Louis University where she earned an MBA with an emphasis on International Business. Ms. Black earned her CPA license in 2001 and her CFA designation in 2005. Ms. Black currently sits on the board of InvenTrust Properties Corp., a US-based non-traded shopping center REIT.

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Yvo Timmermans

Portfolio Manager for Europe

Mr. Timmermans has over 14 years of real estate research and investment experience in Europe and Asia. Mr. Timmermans is responsible for managing the EMEA and LATAM investments for the Firm, as well as coverage of UK, Spain and Emerging Markets. 


Prior to assuming the role of portfolio manager, Mr. Timmermans was responsible for research coverage of European property companies with a focus on the United Kingdom, as well as emerging markets outside of Asia. He also assisted in overall management of the Firm’s investments in Europe. Mr. Timmermans previously held a similar position at EII for the period 2006-2014. 


Mr. Timmermans graduated from the University of Maastricht with an MSc in International Business and recently completed an executive degree in Global Macroeconomics Challenges from the London School of Economics. Yvo is a CFA charter holder and multi-lingual, speaking English, Dutch and German, as well as Portuguese and Spanish.

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New York Headquarters

JLP Asset Management, LLC

450 Park Avenue, Suite 1200, New York, NY 10022


Amsterdam Office

Herengracht 448 1017 CA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Singapore Office

9 Raffles Place, Level 6 Republic Plaza 1, Singapore 048619

Sao Paulo Office

Avenida Magalhães de Castro, 4800, Torre 1
São Paulo - SP, 05502-001

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